STOP! Before you transfer, think about this: while your image is no uncertainty lovely on your PC or telephone, a few pictures transform into exceptionally terrible precious stone works of art.

“Trash In, Garbage Out.”

There are a couple of things you *MUST* consider about your photograph before you submit it to be transformed into a custom Paint With Diamonds.

Here are the 3 insider facts to picking the ideal photograph for your custom precious stone painting:

1. Pick Only Large High-Quality Photos.

2. Focus On The Colors And Shading Of Your Original Photo.

3. Pick The Canvas That Best Fits Your Photo.

1. Pick Only Very Large High-Quality Photos.

Just present a photograph that is:

Very Large

Extremely High-Quality

Taken In Good Light

**If your picture is even somewhat hazy or pixellated when you take a gander at it, it won’t fill in as a precious stone painting. Pictures should be too high caliber to work.**

What makes a decent photograph? Pixels.

Presently for representation, envision every pixel is a not half bad precious stone.

The more pixels (precious stones) you can pack into a picture (canvas), the more detail you get in your work of art.

We need your photograph to have a LOT of pixels (precious stones). That way, when we explode your photograph and print it onto a canvas, your last painting will look as perfectly clear as your unique photograph.

3 Secrets To Choosing The Perfect Photo For Your Custom Diamond Painting

In the event that YOUR IMAGE LOOKS BAD (BLURRY, PIXELLATED) WHEN YOU ZOOM IN: Choose an alternate picture. Your unique picture is too little to be in any way transformed into a precious stone painting. It would be ideal if you pick an alternate picture for the best outcomes.

Speedy TIP: If you have any questions about your picture, use a photograph review program to zoom in to your picture and perceive how the picture looks. In case you’re on your telephone, just squeeze your screen and zoom in to perceive how the image looks into close.

3 Secrets To Choosing The Perfect Photo For Your Custom Diamond Painting

Need assistance making sense of if your picture is huge enough? Send an email to with the words “CUSTOM PWD HELP” in the title!

2. Focus On The Colors And Shading Of Your Original Photo.

One of the most well-known addresses we hear: “For what reason is the white some portion of my jewel painting an alternate shading? For what reason does the dark piece of my work painting with diamonds of art contain darker and green precious stones?”

In the event that your unique photograph is marginally red, or somewhat blue, that shading will be amplified 1000x when we transform your photograph into a jewel painting unit.

What’s more, when there’s a slight red tone on your whole photograph, that red seeps into parts of your composition you would hope to be white. Look at this, for instance:

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