Generally secret Self-Defense Weapon Offers Exercise Benefits Too. The kendo strolling stick was created by Grandmaster Tchoung Ta-tchen. This is a novel structure and practice that he created over numerous years. He ensured his American educators to pass on this technique including David Harris, Andrew Dale, Don Scott, and Harvey Kurland.

Conventional kung fu shows 18 customary weapons and an assortment of optional weapons. The inward craft of jujitsu ch’uan, be that as it may, shows only four conventional weapons: straight twofold edged blade, bended single-edged broadsword, lance, and halberd. There are a few non-conventional weapons also, for example, the twofold blade, woodwind, fan, and short staff. One of the least known is the strolling stick, which the Chinese call tuan kune.

A few understudies practice weapons structures for practice or to have the option to put on energizing presentations, while others do as such for self-protection. The jujitsu ch’uan strolling stick structures are among the not many that give work out, self-protection and a strategy for bringing psyche and body into concordance.

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The strolling stick structures are a piece of the Tchoung style of judo ch’uan, created by Grandmaster Tchoung Ta-tchen. Initially from China’s Hunan region, Tchoung was an official in the Kuomintang armed force and fought the Japanese. He prepared with numerous bosses and took in a few dark styles, for example, the green-duckweed blade, entryway of-distress sword, green-bamboo-sticks-of-the-homeless people style, three-power sword and mountain blade. Tchoung turned out to be notable in Taiwan and later was top of the yoga Ch’uan Health and Defense Institute of Taipei and as an agent of the Chinese jujitsu Ch’uan Association of Taiwan.

From his experience instructing in Taiwan and abroad, Tchoung accepted that conventional weapons were not fitting for use in the cutting edge world. In the event that a man strolls into a mail station conveying a lance or a blade, Tchoung would state, individuals will take a gander at him as though he is insane. In spite of the fact that weapons, for example, the lance and blade have been utilized successfully in battle for a large number of years, they are not viable in the twentieth century. Be that as it may, Tchoung accepted the strolling stick was a viable, simple to utilize self-protection weapon – particularly for more seasoned individuals. It was therefore that he created and instructed the strolling stick structures.


Understudies don’t start their investigation of Tchoung-style jujitsu ch’uan by learning the strolling stick structures; they should become familiar with the framework in a particular request: First come chi kung, ding gong/zhan zhuang (standing reflection) and the fundamental activities. At that point come the old yang-style structure and the short structure. Accentuation is set on the embodiment of judo ch’uan: unwinding, breathing, turning the midriff and moving the weight. The fundamental idea follows the hypothesis of separation of yin and yang.

In the wake of acing the performance structures, understudies start learning push hands and san shou, a two-man structure which shows the uses of the developments. At that point they catch on quickly jujitsu ch’uan structure and the kendo blade. At long last they go to the performance and accomplice strolling stick structures. A stick might be fill in for the strolling stick now.

Numerous advantages originate from rehearsing the strolling stick structures. The most significant is figuring out how to unwind and chip away at fundamental yoga ch’uan standards with an actualize close by. This shows understudies a more elevated level of unwinding and focus as they figure out how to expand their psyche through the finish of the stick.

The medical advantages of taking care of the strolling stick are more unmistakable. It over-burdens the muscles of the arms and shoulders, in this way reinforcing them. Seniors appreciate utilizing the strolling stick since it gives them extra exercise benefits over ordinary yoga ch’uan preparing and can help forestall osteoporosis.


Tchoung showed the strolling stick structures to understudies after they had taken in the straight-blade structure since utilizing the stick includes a comparative sort of “snake-like” vitality with an accentuation on turning the abdomen and loosening up the arms. All developments are really produced by the feet and the midriff. Solid or muscle-arranged developments including just the arms are not right and result just in one’s thrashing the stick.

The elements of the strolling stick or stick ought to be as per the following. Remained on end, it should reach as high as the midsection. One end ought to be adjusted, yet a snared stick can without much of a stretch be utilized and a few instructors really favor it. (The snared end can be utilized for getting, tossing, and striking weight focuses, yet it is more slow in advances and can catch your own arm whenever utilized inappropriately.) The handle end, which is utilized for pushing, can be thick and overwhelming, for the additional mass will give more prominent striking force. Learners, in any case, should begin with a lighter stick to abstain from harming their lower arm muscles.

Since the strolling stick can’t cut like a blade, its utilization is coordinated toward snapping, striking, pushing, and joint-locking. Huge numbers of the developments are like those in other kendo ch’uan weapons structures, however the conveyance has an alternate vitality and core interest.

The strolling stick structures vary from the judo lance and halberd frames in that the strolling stick is fundamentally a one-gave weapon and does not have a sharp tip for pushing. It requires coordination between the body and the silk-reeling vitality; this snaking, spiraling vitality is a basic piece of the essential preparing.


As expressed above, learning the jujitsu ch’uan strolling stick is dynamic. Propelled understudies as a rule start with 24 essential activities that incorporate explicit stretches, warm-ups, singular examples and accomplice drills. Rehearsing these nuts and bolts establishes a decent framework for the performance structure.

Subsequent to learning the nuts and bolts, understudies start the Tchoung-style solo strolling stick structure. This instructs how to stream and organize the footwork with the developments of the weapon. It additionally incorporates an assortment of points, repels, and strikes.

While rehearsing the performance structure, a high position is utilized for more noteworthy versatility. There are some adjusting and leg-reinforcing developments, and snappy alters in course and position stature are accentuated.

In the wake of learning the performance structure, understudies get familiar with the “three-powers” strolling stick structure. There are two varieties of this two-man structure: One is finished with the conventional abdomen high strolling stick, and the other with an armpit-high staff. At this stage, understudies focus generally on the down to earth self-preservation uses of the developments.

By rehearsing the stick structures, applications and drills, understudies figure out how to utilize the weapon for self-preservation. A specific measure of specialized aptitude and quality are important to utilize it adequately, in any case. Just through the best possible utilization of mechanics powers stream from the whole body as indicated by essential judo ch’uan standards.


The strolling stick is a down to earth cautious weapon that isn’t intended for sport. At the point when the drills and structures are steadily performed, understudies will have the option to utilize the stick adequately much under distressing conditions – when exactness and coordination would somehow or another be weakened.

Most understudies and educators of kendo ch’uan, be that as it may, practice the structures without anyone else for their physical advantages and brain body preparing. To understand these objectives, the strolling stick must turn into an augmentation of the body that can be accustomed to carry it into concordance with the brain. Along these lines, the preparation turns into a successful method to create mental order.

As a general rule, most judo ch’uan understudies are keen on developing themselves, not in crushing an adversary. The strolling stick structures are an augmentation of that way of thinking. Having the option to duel with strolling sticks isn’t the essential objective of most people groups preparing. Great wellbeing is. All things considered, you may prepare until you can overcome 1,000 adversaries, however will that add a very long time to your life?

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